MAI 1.1.3b, released May 21 2015

  • The legato bug is fixed. Smoother rythm.
  • Clickable links in About.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved error handling


MAI 1.1.1b, released April 9 2015

  • On/Off toggle for Strike position filter on part level
  • Bug fixes


MAI 1.1.0b, released April 6 2015

  • Improved editors for modulations and bridges. 
  • Bugfixes

MARCO 1.0b, released November 15 2014

The program is now complete in as it can morph all major aspects of the music:
Tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality and timbre.
The new name, Musifier Adaptive Real-time Composer tells what the program is about.

MVO 0.9.10b, released September 04 2013

Improved start scripts

MVO 0.9.8b, released September 01 2013

Minor fixes

MVO 0.9.8b, released August 15 2013 

  • Introducing Event-chains as a means to control target state
  • Minor fixes

Note: The program still has a poor understanding of tonality. This will be addressed. 

MVO 0.9.7b-peek, released July 15 2013

  • Introducing state events as a means to manipulate target state and control the orchestra
  • Introducing the option of partitioning the state over the players in the orchestra
  • Total overhaul of GUI.
  • Improved robustness and responsivity.

 MVO 0.9.4b, released February 20 2007

  • A bug has been fixed in the Chord Sequence player. It caused (unwanted) modulations.
  • A bug in the algorithms controlling the rhythm has been fixed. Rhythm in morphs is now more coherent.
  • A transport panel has been added. It can appear either at the top of the window or floating outside in a window of its own.
  • A number of smaller fixes and improvements.

 MVO 0.9.3b, released January 2007

  • The control of the melody line of Melody and Polyphonic players has been improved in several ways.
  • Bass part is improved.
  • The generated music can be saved to a std midi file.
  • The GUI is improved. For simplicity the application has one window only.
  • The sliders in the gui can be moved by external midi controllers like the M-Audio O2.

 MVO 0.9.2b, released September 19 2006

  • User interface has been improved.
  • Getting invalid data into the theme editors is now next to impossible.
    If you still manage to enter inadequate data the program will tell you.